Benz Solutions – Designwork, Development, Production


Beautiful, technical and well-thought out products give immense pleasure. That’s why we do what we do and we do it with deep passion, fervor and with heart and soul. Repeatedly and always in a new way…

After more than 17 years experience in the development of products and collections, our focus is on perfection. Our goal is to develop innovative products, without compromising on function and design. 
Strategic positioning of the collection or individual items are just as much a part of the package, depending on the customer’s wishes or specifications.

Benz Solutions, Designwork, Switzerland


We work together with renowned international design-agencies and international designers, resulting in a more specifically and detailed designed product. We search for design specialists that are most suitable for the desired product. Naturally we also work with existing designs that the customer may have.

Benz Solutions, Development, Zürich, Switzerland


Our vast years of experience in regard to product development has given us an extensive mass of know-how and an equally extensive network to implement this at the highest niveau possible. Therefore we are able to offer and implement the entire product development from A-Z. From factory sourcing within Europe, Asia & South America, along with fabric & trims research, to the creating and completion of spec-pacs are just a few elements of our comprehensive quality service.

Benz Solutions, Production, Zürich, Switzerland


We are able to source the very best factories within Europe, Asia and South America and thanks to our longstanding relationship with these factories we also have excellent access. This also makes it possible for us, depending on the end-product, to return to the respective factories. Meaning, with design on paper, along with the factories we can offer a complete development process right up to the ready-to-sell end product. Quality control directly at the factories is also possible.

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